Daily Business Intelligence for Human Resources

Oracle Daily Business Intelligence for Human Resources is pre-built decision support system for Oracle HRMS that helps you analyze and manage all your HR processes. It provides access to accurate, timely, comprehensive data from your HRMS applications and provides the tools to make better, more strategic decisions. Perform comprehensive manpower analysis and budget reports. View employee development and performance reports. Analyze salary, recruitment, vacancy and termination trends. The results: you drive faster, better decision-making that aligns your workforce with corporate objectives.

Integrate and Streamline Your HR Processes
Oracle Daily Business Intelligence for Human Resources is part of Oracle Human Resources Management family of applications, and integrates seamlessly with other Human Resources applications, including Human Resources and Payroll.


Gain Daily Business Intelligence

  • Leverage predefined KPIs to set management goals. Consolidate all key information on a single homepage, with one-click access to automated out-of-tolerance notifications, KPIs, reports, and more.

Manage Workforce Development and Learning

  • Analyze competence gaps by person and job. Analyze skills gaps for groups and individuals. Manage training attendance, resource use, costs, and success rates.

Optimize Compensation

  • Analyze salary trends. Compare average salaries by group. Look at salary distributions and skews by grade, performance, and service test. Evaluate benefits plans for maximum value.

Manage Recruitment

  • Analyze time and costs by recruitment method. Review recruitment success rates. Analyze applicant statistics and dropout reasons.

Analyze Workforce Composition

  • Understand workforce trends by job, geography, user-defined categories, minority groups, and business areas.

Manage Utilization and Productivity

  • Analyze planned and unplanned hours by cost band over time. Analyze absenteeism by reason over time.