E-Business Suite Talent Management

Oracle customers benefit from a talent management solution that integrates fully with core HR systems of record and with each other, and with the larger ERP ecosystem. Oracle's talent management modules cover all phases of the talent lifecycle – planning, recruiting, performance, learning, career development, succession planning, compensation, talent reviews and measuring and reporting.

  • E-Business Suite Talent Management
  • E-Business Suite Talent Management
  • E-Business Suite Talent Management
  • E-Business Suite Talent Management
Feature Benefit
Full-cycle recruitment solution
  • Boost productivity by automating the entire recruitment process
  • Personalized experience for job seekers, recruiters, and hiring managers
  • Create a superior recruiting experience
  • Improve your ability to attract and retain the best talent
Comprehensive learning management system
  • Offer a single learning management system to employees, partners, applicants, and customers
  • Improve workforce performance with online or classroom-based courses
  • Easily manage learning content
  • Simplify administration through online catalog
  • Measure the effectiveness of courses and align with corporate goals
Complete solution for global compensation
  • Plan, model, and allocate global compensation programs across multiple currencies
  • Improve business results, morale, and retention by linking pay to performance
  • Award multiple types of compensation to groups of employees at one time
  • Use employee performance to measure the planning, budgeting, and approval of compensation
  • Communicate rewards and benefits to employees
Robust self-service tool for performance management
  • Align workforce to organizational goals through better communication with employees
  • Match workforce performance with business goals
  • Create automated, collaborative performance management plans to multiple groups of employees
  • Track objectives throughout the year
  • Evaluate overall achievements and identify development areas
  • Create employee learning paths by integrating with other talent management products
Integrated solution for succession planning
  • Ensure business continuity and reduce risks associated with talent mobility
  • Identify areas for succession management
  • Identify and build a strong talent pipeline with multiple successors
  • Manage succession plans
  • Engage and motivate your workforce
  • Ensure business continuity
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