E-Business Suite Workforce Management

Effectively managing a workforce of any size requires tight controls and policies be in place to avoid lost time and productivity. An integral part of this solution is having the right solution in place to track time, absences, and properly schedule your labor. Oracle's workforce management solutions allow you to forecast labor and workload demand, define and assign schedules to meet business objectives, capture time worked, absences and other labor data, track adherence to schedules and productivity, and adhere to labor laws and pay rules.

  • E-Business Suite Workforce Management
  • E-Business Suite Workforce Management
  • E-Business Suite Workforce Management
  • E-Business Suite Workforce Management
Feature Benefit
Automated time management system
  • Reduce costs of managing time and attendance record keeping
  • Easily enforce organizational policies
  • Single source of truth for time entry data
  • Easy way for employees to submit, view, track, and approve timecards
  • Improve decision-making by analyzing labor data
  • Distribute labor costs accurately
Global workforce scheduling capabilities
  • Schedule the right people to the right tasks at the right time
  • Streamline global operations while supporting local work patterns and holidays
  • Balance customer service, payroll budget, and employee preferences
  • Reduce both under- and over-staffing
  • Maintain a central skills repository
  • Easily adjust schedule rules when organizational needs change
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