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Oracle E-Business Suite
In-Memory Cost Management for Discrete Industries

Enabling a bottom-up approach to maximizing profit margins through real-time insight into all aspects of cost management, Oracle's E-Business In-Memory Cost Management for Discrete Industries application, specifically optimized for the Oracle Database In-Memory option as well as for Oracle Engineered Systems, transforms traditional business practices through real-time access to complex analyses of typically untapped and underutilized costing data.

Oracle In-Memory Cost Management for Discrete Industries is a suite of end-to-end applications that allow product-centric manufacturers, especially those with distributed manufacturing operations and complex supply chains, to execute their strategic cost management objectives, including:

  • Maximizing gross margins and profits
  • Optimizing product cost structures through minimizing component costs
  • Creating profitable product mixes across global operations
  • Finding the right products to both increase penetration in existing markets and enter new markets


  • Make decisions in time to capture the highest profits by enabling real-time analysis via an easy-to-use spreadsheet-based UI for complex simulations running simultaneously on multiple costing entities across all aspects of costs, costs-of-goods sold (COGS), margins and gross profits
  • Optimize the cost for finished goods so that margins are maximized with comprehensive what-if analyses on complex multi-level ingredients, intermediates, finished products and routing data
  • Easily predict the impact of coming changes to accurately simulate future costs, taking pre-emptive steps to overcome challenges and maximize benefits
  • Process and visualize large volumes of data in real-time. Eliminate mistakes and oversights, drive timely corrective decisions and gain deeper insight into operations
  • Simulate enterprise-wide impact of cost changes, identify the most profitable cost structures and propagate savings across the enterprise
  • Quick user up-take with little or no training with easy-to-use spreadsheet-based UI familiar to cost accountants, financial analysts, directors of pricing and procurement, product line R&D leads, and even C-level executives