E-Business Suite In-Memory Applications

E-Business Suite In-Memory Applications Transform Business Processes with Complex Multi-Dimensional Analyses, Real-Time Insights and Unprecedented Performance

Oracle's E-Business Suite In-Memory Applications leverage the power of both the Oracle Database In-Memory option and Engineered Systems to transform big enterprise data into actionable information through a set of critical, robust and real-time analytical features. Oracle In-Memory Applications running on Oracle Database In-Memory Option and Engineered Systems are a direct result of Oracle's "Engineered to Work Together" strategy, built to exploit the combined capabilities of software and hardware to deliver transformative solutions. Oracle's In-Memory solutions help users:

  • Deliver actionable results, in time to make a difference, by transforming batch processes to real-time results
  • Unify enterprise applications with critical and robust analytical features to drive strategic business objectives
  • Perform predictive analyses by simulating future scenarios to maximize business benefits
  • Process and visualize large volumes of data in real-time in order to drive timely corrective decisions, gain deeper insight into operations, and eliminate mistakes and oversights
  • Respond to meet rapidly changing market conditions or critical operational needs in time to minimize losses