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Oracle Transportation Management

Getting product to its destination is critical to your organization. It has to be there on time, and you need to control the costs. You need to be able to most effectively utilize and track your fleet and carrier resources. You need to ensure that you don'€™t overpay, and bill accurately when providing transportation services. And you need to have visibility to all aspects of your transportation operations so that you can measure and manage your most important key performance indicators.

Oracle has a proven, single platform solution to fit your transportation business, whether your needs are simple or complex. Oracle Transportation Management supports all aspects of planning, execution, and freight payment for both shippers and logistics service providers. The solution allows you to minimize cost, optimize service levels, and create flexible business process automation within your global transportation and logistics network. And Oracle'€™s award winning analytics allow you to monitor your operations so that you can quickly respond and implement change where necessary.

Oracle Transportation Management is available both on-premise and in the cloud.