Oracle Customs Management


Oracle Customs Management is a global application companies can use to model their unique customs processes and procedures. Each company's approach is based on the specific industry, governing rules and regulations, commodities they trade, countries with which they trade, and the processes employed—whether import or export.

Oracle Customs Management offers the ability to model global customs regimes and procedures using common workflow, tools, and datasets. This global approach enables companies to have similar, standardized processes for customs that incorporate the regional nuances of each customs regimes. With the ability to format and produce electronic filings for self-filing, or to communicate electronically with customs brokers, Oracle Customs Management can decrease your reliance on your trading partners, increase your data accuracy, and help insource portions of the customs process


  • Reduce Fines & Penalties—Electronic filing and broker communication enable a higher level of accuracy leading to fewer fines and penalties from customs authorities and reduced fees from brokers
  • Decrease Reliance & Spend on Trading—Self-filing can reduce fees for services paid to brokers and freight forwarders and provide better visibility over customs and export declaration processes