Global Trade Content

Oracle partners with best-in-class trade content suppliers to provide customers with a broad set of global trade content. These Oracle partners maintain staff of dedicated trade experts who aggregate data from around the world, normalize and inspect data quality and integrity, and format the data for direct consumption into Oracle Global Trade Management.

Global trade content from Oracle partners empowers your global trade software with the most up-to-date information possible, providing peace of mind in an ever-changing global trade landscape. A broad array of content is available to enable global trade processes including restricted party lists, tariffs, export classification, and regulatory controls. Global trade content enables your organization to: streamline processes, easily perform research, view transactions in context with tariff and regulatory data, and automatically identify transactions requiring attention.


  • Restricted Party Screening Lists—Screen a global set of restricted party lists against party master data, as well as all involved parties on a broad set of transaction types.
  • Product Classification Data—Research and classify items, analyze duty and tax rates, and review trade agreement eligibility.
  • Government Regulations—Country specific regulatory data enables automatic screening of transactions, allowing for streamlined business processes and enables teams to manage by exception
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