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Oracle Yard Management

The yard. It's where everything comes in and goes out, and unfortunately it’s one of your biggest blind spots. You need visibility to what's in the yard, including vehicles and inventory. Time is money. When drivers arrive at warehousing facilities, their trailers often need to be loaded or unloaded within a specified time. You need to eliminate demurrage and detention charges by carriers for holding shipping containers longer than the negotiated time period. And you need to run the operations with the same efficiency as the rest of your warehouse.

Oracle has a solution to meet your needs. Oracle Yard Management manages and tracks the flow of trailers and their contents into, within, and out of the yard. It manages yard operations including dock scheduling and equipment check-in, unsealing, sealing and check-out. And it is seamlessly integrated with Oracle Inventory Management, Oracle Warehouse Management and Oracle Transportation Management.


  • Increased throughput and operational efficiency of yard and serviced facilities
  • Improved visibility of trailers and contents across facilities and the enterprise
  • Reduced costs associated with stock- outs and detention/demurrage
  • Efficient dock operations with timely loading and unloading of trailers
  • Improved fulfillment and logistics with integrated warehousing and transportation