Demantra Predictive Trade Planning

Oracle Demantra Predictive Trade Planning and Optimization provides consumer goods organizations with robust trade promotion and account planning, sales forecasting, and promotion optimization capabilities. Architected from the ground up on an analytics platform that addresses both transactional and strategic trade challenges, such as promotion effectiveness, on-shelf availability, baseline forecasting, and incremental lift calculations, and customer profitability.


  • Automated baseline forecasting and incremental lift projections—allows account managers to easily and quickly predict the impact of individual trade promotions
  • Promotion analytics—compares scenarios and provides detailed predictions on expected lift and trade fund spending
  • Multipanel worksheets—manage daily sales forecasting and account planning activities from a single screen
  • Collaborative planning platform—ensures that sales forecasts and event plans are synchronized across marketing, finance, manufacturing, and supply chain
  • Workflow-driven exception management—automatically identifies plan or demand changes that may create problems
  • Retailer point-of-sale and syndicated data—measures, predicts, and optimizes promotion lift, taking into account effects, such as cannibalization and consumer stockpiling
  • Multiple sources of internal, agency, syndicated, and point-of-sale data—reveal which marketing tactics work best
  • Promotion optimization—automatically determines which marketing tactics will yield the maximum return on investment, produce the highest volume or maximize profitability
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