Oracle Demand Signal Repository

Does your company want to become more demand-driven? Oracle® Demand Signal Repository leverages external demand data to lower out-of-stocks at the store shelf and improve execution of promotions and new product introductions. The result is a more demand-driven enterprise with increased revenue and reduced costs due to better demand planning, more accurate retail execution, and a more streamlined IT environment.

Oracle Demand Signal Repository offers pre-built integration with the Oracle Demantra solution, enabling companies to quickly leverage Demantra's best-in-class functionality for demand sensing and shaping. A combined Oracle Demand Signal Repository and Demantra solution leverages a wide variety of external data for increased accuracy in predicting product demand. It can also shape demand with the right mix of promotions, while enhancing sales and operations planning (S&OP) to meet operating constraints and budgets more profitably.


  • Leverage Downstream Data to Drive Profitable Growth while Reducing IT Complexity and Cost
    Consumer goods companies have historically based their demand knowledge on little more than their own shipment records, augmented with aggregate syndicated data. Today leading retailers share store-level point of sale (POS) and inventory data directly with their suppliers. Oracle Demand Signal Repository is the first application designed to manage downstream demand data sources with true scalability, extensibility and performance. Oracle Demand Signal Repository converts disparate sets of downstream data into consumer insights to enable improved decision making and execution. This improves retailer and supplier interaction as it shifts the focus from finding common ground to pursuing joint value creation activities.
  • Capture and Manage Large Volumes Of Disparate External Demand Data
    Oracle Demand Signal Repository is a centralized, dedicated application designed to capture, cleanse, and harmonize large volumes of complex, disparate external demand data. At the heart of the Demand Signal Repository is an extensible, retail-oriented data model that captures and manages retail point of sale and inventory information at the day, store, and SKU level. Oracle Demand Signal Repository provides the capability to capture and manage thousands of measures and attributes corresponding to individual item, retailer, and store demographic information. If competitor data is available, a manufacturer can also capture and analyze competitor data.
  • Analyze and Take Action Based On Day, Store, and SKU Level Insights
    Oracle Demand Signal Repository includes the best-in-class analytical capabilities of the Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) environment to help business users develop and act upon insights generated by timely, detailed external demand data. Using Oracle Demand Signal Repository, consumer goods companies can get a near real time picture of store level sales and inventory management trends and can identify potential problems as well as areas of opportunity.
  • Integrate Clean, Harmonized Demand Data to Other Applications
    Oracle Demand Signal Repository provides clean, harmonized demand and inventory data to complementary applications like demand planning, trade promotion analysis and optimization, sales and operations planning, retail execution, and product lifecycle management via web services. This web services-based approach enables Oracle Demand Signal Repository to support systemic operational improvements in a wide variety of functional areas through integration with other applications—even in highly heterogeneous application environments.
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