Advanced Procurement



Oracle Advanced Procurement is the integrated suite of applications that dramatically cut all supply management costs. Oracle Advanced Procurement reduces spending on goods and services, streamlines procure-to-pay processes, and drives policy compliance.

  • Unlike competing products that force customers to make compromises between functionality and integration, only Oracle offers best-in-class modules with packaged integration
  • Unlike competitors that force customers to choose between the benefits of on-demand products and on-premises deployments, only Oracle gives customers the flexibility to choose On-Demand, On-Premises, or any combination of their choosing
  • Unlike competing products that create extra manual work and errors in the sourcing processes, only Oracle lets buying experts automatically create sourcing events from requisitions or expiring agreements. Only Oracle lets you negotiate with a click- competitors force you to use the clipboard
  • Unlike competing products that force rigid centralization or decentralization, only Oracle provides true Center-Led Procurement by decoupling the physical and logical location of key procurement activities



Leverage Gain Accomplish
Reduce spending on goods and services
  • Packaged spend analysis
  • Online negotiation and collaboration
  • Embedded terms and conditions
  • Spot savings opportunities immediately
  • Drive efficient and effective sourcing
  • Enforce contracted pricing
Streamline Procure-to-Pay Processes
  • Complete procure-to-pay automation
  • Policy-driven self-service
  • Complete supplier enablement
  • Free staff for high-value activities
  • Automate and control employee buying
  • Reduce errors and manual effort
Enforce policy compliance
  • Exception-based enforcement
  • Budget-based procurement
  • Total procurement visibility
  • Identify and rectify policy violations
  • Align financial and procurement policies
  • Manage supplier performance


  • Ingersol Rand: Improved productivity by 50%, cut supplier support burden 75%, reduced MRO costs by 20%
  • U-Penn: $77.5 million in documented cost savings
  • Ametek: Cut MRO unit costs by 10% and procurement costs by up-to 14%
  • Sandia National Laboratories: Saved over $11 Million reduced processing time by 25%
  • VeriSign: Cut error rates over 80% and boosted productivity by 230%
  • TUI: Logistics and Tourist Travel Company Saved €20million with Sourcing and up to 25% on indirect goods
  • Boeing: Increased volume discounts by 5%
  • UPS: reduced cycle time by 75%
  • Pella: reduced cycle time by 86%
  • Alcoa: reduced purchasing processing costs by 89%
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