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Oracle Shop Floor Management

Oracle Shop Floor Management provides complete visibility of all the manufacturing work order activity. It can extend across different plants to track product lot activities from raw materials to finished goods as a single repository of shop floor information. It helps ensure the continuum between planning, scheduling, and execution including complex lot transactions, dynamic routing, end-to-end genealogy of products, modeling and tracking of operation yield costs.

Transform the Value Chain with Information Driven Manufacturing

  • Integrate with the enterprise-wide supply chain
  • Improve productivity with actionable information
  • Enforce compliance with realtime shopfloor visibility


Oracle Shop Floor Management enables comprehensive, real-time management of shop floor activities. It is part of Oracle Supply Chain Management, and integrates seamlessly with other Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management applications, including Oracle Advanced Supply Chain Planning.


Enable Collaborative Manufacturing

  • Allow more efficient outsourcing with ability to partial ship. Embed workflows to auto-notify pre-defined events. Enhanced graphical views and approval process.

Integrate Planning into the Shop Floor

  • Support lot-based jobs and operation yields. Schedule orders with network routing. Improve product planning capabilities.

Manage Complex Lot Transactions

  • Split or merge production lots. Update lot name, product, routing, and quantity. Enable bonus lot creation.

Track Lot Genealogy

  • Track products back to raw materials. Enable backward or forward genealogy "surfing."

Enable Dynamic Routing

  • Determine routing dynamically, depending on process needs or resource availability. Gain ability to jump to any operation..

Gain Yield-Based Operational Costing

  • Accurately measure operation yield levels, yielded cost of products, and cost variance at operations. Support standard costing methods.