Supporting internet, telesales and other channels, Oracle Configurator actively gathers customer requirements and maps them to a set of product or service options. This allows organizations to offer guided selling capabilities to their customers.

Oracle Configurator is part of Oracle Order Orchestration and Fulfillment and Oracle Customer Relationship Management. It integrates with Order ManagementQuoting, and Sales.


Enable Guided Selling

  • Guide customers through a series of features and options that meet their stated requirements. Provide real-time feedback with automatic prompts and warnings.

Gain Multi-Language Capabilities

  • Efficiently create interface with content in language appropriate to end-user.

Provide Real-time Pricing and Order Promising

  • Support complex pricing strategies through integration with Advanced Pricing. Provide order promising based on real-time material and resource constraints.

Support Multiple Sales Channels

  • Run multiple user interfaces from a single configuration model. Support unique look and feel necessary for multiple sales channels.
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