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Oracle Warehouse Management

You need a warehouse management system that

  • improves your efficiency
  • eliminates mistakes
  • is the right size for each of your facilities
  • allows you to respond rapidly to business changes
  • works with your other logistics applications and
  • gives you full visibility so that you can measure and improve your key metrics

Oracle has a proven solution to fit your needs. Oracle's Warehouse Management applications work with your other logistics applications. The same base system can contract or expand so that it's simple enough for a terminal or sophisticated enough for your biggest distribution center. Oracle'€™s flexibility allows you to quickly add operations for new business initiatives like omni-channel fulfillment. And Oracle'€™s award winning analytics allow you see everything about your operations so that you can focus on the metrics that matter.


Oracle WMS delivers operational flexibility, optimized warehouse processes, seamless hand-offs with key value chain processes, and pre-integration of advanced warehouse technologies—all at the lowest total cost of ownership.

Customers who use Oracle's WMS are able to:

  • Transform logistics into a source of competitive differentiation through increased agility
  • Scale operations quickly by deploying decoupled, Distributed Warehouse Management
  • Improve warehouse speed and efficiency while increasing customer service levels by optimizing core warehouse functions
  • Increase inventory accuracy and labor productivity
  • Reduce costs of handling process exceptions and business changes


  • Agilent Technologies increased inventory accuracy to over 99%
  • Fellowes increased on-time shipments to be consistently over 95%
  • McData reduced total inventory by 75%
  • Chang'an Motors saved $3.4M through improved shipping and inventory
  • Grupo Abril increased truck load shipments by 26%
  • Royal Appliance Manufacturing Company increased inventory location accuracy from 50% to 98%
  • Polpharma reduced warehouse staffing needs by 50%
  • Denby increased picker productivity by over 200%
  • Metalsa reduced inventory write-offs by 10%