Daily Business Intelligence for Procurement

Oracle Daily Business Intelligence for Procurement is a web-based analysis and reporting tool designed to identify savings opportunities and track supplier performance. Web-based reports enable managers to view spending details, analyze procurement data, measure performance, and develop strategies for increased savings. Stakeholders can also receive notifications when out-of-tolerance levels are reached.

Integrate and Streamline Your Procurement Processes
Oracle Daily Business Intelligence for Procurement is part of both Oracle Procurement and Oracle Corporate Performance Management, and integrates seamlessly with other Procurement and Corporate Performance Management applications, including Purchasing and Sourcing.


  • Consolidate Real-Time Spending Data: Integrate spending data across diverse departments into a single system. Take rapid corrective measures. Build cross-organizational strategies
  • Identify Savings Opportunities: Automatically receive summaries of raw purchasing transactions. Gain timely insight into spending patterns and trends
  • Define Clear Management Objectives: Establish target tolerance levels. Set exception limits. Define workflow processes that trigger notification alerts
  • Ensure Compliance:Targets maverick buying. Identify purchases made without an existing contract
  • Monitor Supplier Performance:Analyze supplier cost, quality, and delivery performance. Identify most efficient and reliable trading partners