Oracle Assets

Oracle Assets automates asset management and simplifies accounting tasks. Using a unified source of asset data (with data from your Oracle applications as well as external feeder systems), Oracle Assets gives you visibility into your assets worldwide. Standard management tasks-such as asset transfers, disposals, reclassifications, financial adjustments, and tax legacy data conversion-can be streamlined with automated business flows. Standard accounting, operational, and registry reports are available to ease reconciliation and analysis.

Enhance Value by Combining with the Entire Oracle E-Business Suite
Oracle Assets works seamlessly with other Oracle E-Business products to drive better decision-making, sustainable financial discipline, regulatory compliance, and optimized business processes at the lowest cost.


  • Lower the Cost of Asset Ownership
    The traditional way of managing assets-manual processing and disjointed systems—is slow, expensive, and error prone. With Oracle Assets, you can manage your assets in a single system that automates many standard transactions to reduce these costs and improve the accuracy of fixed-asset transactions.
  • Securely Manage Assets
    Use reliable and timely information to properly manage your enterprise's fixed assets. Create standardized reports or perform ad-hoc inquiries for quick and easy access to asset details.
  • Increase Efficiency with Self-Service
    Oracle iAssets provides real-time self-service asset transfer functionality to simplify and streamline the complex task of tracking inventory ownership and location. Armed with asset information, you can make better decisions about managing your current assets as well as planning for the future.
  • Comply with Local and International Regulations
    Oracle Assets supports complex and diverse reporting requirements including multiple currency and worldwide financial and tax standards. Tailor your depreciation calculation or choose from a pre-defined method to meet regulatory requirements in any industry or location.