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Property Manager

Oracle Property Manager streamlines and automates lease administration and space management, enabling you to more intelligently manage your real estate portfolio. Whether you are a corporate, commercial, or retail/franchise operation, Oracle Property Manager offers a comprehensive solution that lowers costs, maximizes financial performance, and provides complete visibility into your investments for improved decisioining and reporting capabilities. The cornerstone of Oracle's Real Estate Management solution, Oracle Property Manager is part of the Oracle E-Business Suite, an integrated set of applications that are engineered to work together.


  • Reduce Operating Costs
    Streamline the management of lease financials through improved tracking and visibility of lease terms, systematic complex lease calculations, and the automation of billings, payments and CAM reconciliation.
  • Identify Cost Savings and Revenue Opportunities
    Manage occupancy and quickly identify underutilized space. By automating occupancy management from a revenue lease perspective and leveraging integration with Oracle Human Resources from an expense lease perspective, you can reduce the administrative overhead of accurate occupancy tracking.
  • Minimize Contractual and Financial Risk
    In addition to managing critical dates and lease options, Oracle Property Manager ensures compliance with GAAP and IAS accounting standards such as Fas 13 and IAS 17.
  • Provide Data TransparencyProvide Data Transparency
    Clear and complete audit trails, from the signing of the lease through the payment or collection of rent, help enable a comprehensive set of reporting tools to analyze everything from future minimum rent for disclosure in financial statements, to the efficiency of space utilization.