Oracle Complex Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul

Oracle Complex Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (Oracle cMRO) is both an aircraft maintenance application for transportation and defense operations and an MRO service application for aerospace and defense manufacturers. Only Oracle cMRO's unique service-model design enables accurate and responsive collaboration among all parties involved in air fleet maintenance. Oracle cMRO integrates service supply chain planning, scheduling, and fleet configuration management capabilities in a single, real-time information system.

Full Visibility, Compliance and Control of Aircraft Service and Maintenance
Oracle cMRO is part of the Oracle E-Business Suite, an integrated set of applications that automates business processes and delivers reliable information in one place. Oracle cMRO touches 22 applications in the Oracle E-Business Suite to provide a comprehensive air transportation maintenance and A&D MRO service solution.


Air Transportation and Defense Operations Maintenance

  • Fleet utilization and compliance drive air transportation maintenance operations. Balancing those competing objectives formerly required a range of legacy applications and point solutions — an environment that compromised the accuracy, security, and completeness of information. The high cost of legacy system support and pressure to eliminate waste without adding risk to the operation is forcing airline operators to look at maintenance in a new way. Oracle cMRO cost-effectively optimizes equipment utilitization and minimizes the cost of compliance.

Aerospace and Defense Manufacturer MRO Service

  • Responding to increasing global competition and performance-based government procurement initiatives, A&D manufacturers must increasingly upgrade their ability to deliver maintenance, repair, and overhaul services and spare parts supply. To succeed, A&D manufacturers must find a way to extend vast amounts of product information for service purposes by making it more easily available to service applications. Among other things, this requires tighter integration between materials management and service execution systems in a multinational operating environment. Oracle cMRO enables A&D manufactuers to tap profitable new MRO service and aftermarket spare parts revenue streams.
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