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Flow Manufacturing

Oracle Flow Manufacturing helps firms of all sizes and in numerous industries drive operational excellence and transform their value chains. With this application, manufacturers can better manage the entire build-to-order production process, including multi-modal methods as make-to-stock, configure-to-order, discrete-repetitive, assemble-to-order, and engineer-to-order.

Align the Value Chain: Streamline Your Manufacturing Processes
Flow Manufacturing initiates schedules as incoming orders are processed and ensures prompt shipment as builds are completed. Oracle Shop Floor Management is part of the Oracle Supply Chain Management solution set and integrates seamlessly with other Oracle Manufacturing applications including OracleWork in Process and Oracle Advanced Planning and Scheduling.


Drive Fulfillment Excellence with Integrated Demand

  • Gain available-to-promise and capable-to-promise functionality. Use orders to schedule demand. Leverage flexible tolerance fences that accurately reflect supplier capacity.

Enable Balanced Line Design

  • Share product manufacturing processes and events mid- assemblies. Perform graphical product synchronization. Better manage the sequence of manufacturing events using flow routing.

Improve Flow Scheduling and Sequencing

  • Plan, simulate, and optimally schedule production lines. Schedule mass customization and verify component and subassembly availability.

Better Manage Flow Execution

  • Record completion of assemblies, with or without work orders. Monitor lines with linearity reporting. Backflush materials upon assembly completion.

Deploy Kanban Planning and Execution

  • Define pull sequences to identify material replenishment chains. Determine kanban requirements using product replenishment lead times and demand.

Reduce Cycle Time

  • Achieve shorter cycle times with line-balanced production, resource optimization and pre-planned inventory to improve product throughput