Advanced Outbound Telephony

Oracle Advanced Outbound Telephony helps you execute outbound calling campaigns with tools such as list management and predictive dialing. In addition, you gain real-time performance data for improved decision-making. Business benefits include increased outbound list penetration and improved agent productivity.

Integrate and Streamline Your Customer Interaction Processes
Oracle Advanced Outbound Telephony is part of Oracle Interaction Center, and integrates seamlessly with other Interaction Center applications, including Advanced Inbound Telephony and Scripting.


  • Maximize Success Rate
    Dynamically create and prioritize list subsets. Set valid call times with campaign calendars.
  • Leverage Predictive Dialing
    Screen non-connected calls so agents focus their time on customer interactions.
  • Support Multiple Dial Modes
    Enable agents to use preview dial, progressive dial, predictive dial, or manual dial.
  • Gain Sophisticated Call Recycling
    Manage for unsuccessful contacts, including ring no answers (RNA), busies, answering machines, situation informational tones (SIT), modems, and faxes.
  • Ensure Compliance
    Gain support for "Do Not Contact" filtering to comply with Telephone Consumers Protection Act (TCPA).
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