Service Contracts

Oracle Service Contracts simplifies contract management and provides a centralized repository for entitlement information. Rapidly create, manage, and update service contracts, warranties, and extended warranties on sales of goods or services. Then provide service based on real-time entitlement data. As a result, you minimize contract leakage, increase recurring revenues, and provide targeted services while reducing operational costs.

Integrate and Streamline Your Service Processes
Oracle Service Contracts is part of Oracle Service, and integrates seamlessly with other Service applications, including TeleService and Field Service.


  • Automate Contract Creation
    Automatically create and update warranties that are included in bills of materials.
  • Create Unique and Complex Contracts Quickly
    Leverage templates for default coverage terms and other contractual attributes. Ensure contracts or groups of contracts pass pre-defined validation with built-in QA feature.
  • Integrate with Oracle Advanced Pricing
    Retrieve accurate prices of services or usage. Apply volume discounts.
  • Create Real-time Repository of Entitlement Information
    Ensure service levels while preventing contract leakage by creating a single database of entitlement information that can be shared across your service organization.
  • Manage Renewals Proactively
    Automatically inform customers and/or agents of pending contract expirations.