Oracle Scripting provides complete scripting and survey capabilities, including both authoring tools and a script engine. Scripts can be created, modified, and deployed to lead agents during customer interactions, prompting up-sell opportunities as well as providing detailed information to resolve customer questions. You also gain complete survey capabilities for gathering information on products, initiatives, customer satisfaction, and more.

Integrate and Streamline Your Customer Interaction Processes
Oracle Scripting is part of Oracle Interaction Center, and integrates seamlessly with other Interaction Center applications, including Advanced Outbound Telephony and Advanced Inbound Telephony.


  • Increase Agent Productivity and Effectiveness
    Reduce agent training time. Automate alerts, including cross-selling and up-selling scripts. Provide consistent messages to customers.
  • Gain Complete Survey Capabilities
    Create and administer surveys and manage results. Target specific lists of customers and prospects for survey feedback.
  • Streamline Script and Survey Creation
    Build scripts and surveys with visual layout tools featuring branching logic. Easily reuse script components for faster script creation.
  • Integrate Seamlessly with Oracle CRM
    Create seamless agent environment with integration with Oracle TeleSales and Oracle Service. Instantly capture sales, customer information, and survey results in your CRM system.