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Logistics Inventory Visibility

The Oracle Logistics Inventory Visibility option for Oracle Transportation Management facilitates inventory management and Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) processes. Use a single system that works across all modes and geographies to keep goods in motion through the supply chain. Automate key tasks according to your rules to reduce administrative overhead and help manage inventory rather than just monitor it. Oracle Logistics Inventory Visibility gives you visibility to both on hand and in-transit inventory amounts so you have the ability to balance demand with on-hand and available supply in a single solution. Enjoy certainty in your supply chain based upon accurate and timely data, and the ability to automate, control, and optimize the end-to-end supply chain process, regardless of the number of partners involved.

Oracle Logistics Inventory Management is an integrated option for Oracle Transportation Management, part of the Oracle Supply Chain Management family of applications.


Oracle Logistics Inventory Visibility automates the processes you use to manage logistics inventory and visibility.

  • Reduce inventory cycle time.
  • Increase automation of the business and inventory rules that drive the VMI process.
  • Increase inventory certainty within the supply chain, leading to reduction in days of inventory on hand.
  • Reduce administrative overhead to free time for tasks that deliver business value, such as managing rather than monitoring.