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Oracle Transportation Management: Transportation Sourcing

The Oracle Transportation Sourcing option for Oracle Transportation Management streamlines and enhances the entire sourcing and procurement process. Oracle Transportation Sourcing uniquely and automatically pulls data from an active logistics data hub to build bid packages and then seamlessly loads the awarded bids back into the execution environment. This serves to greatly enhance the accuracy of the bid package as well as reduce the time and overhead it takes to run a procurement cycle.

Oracle Transportation Sourcing is an integrated option for Oracle Transportation Management, part of the Oracle Supply Chain Management family of applications.


Oracle Transportation Sourcing automates the processes you use to manage transportation sourcing. Customers who use the Oracle Transportation Sourcing option experience:

  • Rapid procurement cycles.
  • Accurate forecast estimates.
  • Seamless collaboration with carriers during the procurement cycle.
  • Highly actionable bid responses.
  • Low labor requirements to manage the procurement process.
  • Greater volume leverage through consideration of all freight modes and geographies.