Oracle Financial Services Operational Risk Analytics

Analyze Risks and Reduce Future Crises

Enables institutions to perform historical and predictive analysis of enterprise-wide operational risk with a comprehensive and readily deployable suite of pre-built analytics.

  • Operational Risk Analytics
  • Enable historical and predictive analysis of enterprise-wide operational risk
  • Utilize a comprehensive suite of pre-built dashboards and reports
  • Examine operational risk data through dashboards and detailed reports
  • Assess data quality and completeness of scores across all silos
  • Accumulate experience and prevent future crises
  • Analyse and report using industry language and metrics
  • Determine trends based on variable operational dimensions and time periods
  • Achieve desired transparency and auditability in reports and dashboards
  • Alert senior management to evolving situations to prevent future crises

About Oracle Financial Services


Oracle for Financial Services delivers a powerful combination of technology and comprehensive, pre-integrated business applications, including key functionality built specifically for banking, insurance, and capital markets.

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