Accounting Integration Platform

The Complete Accounting Integration Platform

Fusion Accounting Hub’s accounting integration platform allows customers to integrate and standardize accounting from non-Oracle transactional systems to create accounting entries in any general ledger (e.g., Fusion, E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft or other non-Oracle general ledger systems. The highly configurable and centralized rules engine transforms transaction information from third party systems to create accurate, detailed, and auditable accounting entries to meet statutory, corporate, regulatory, and management reporting needs.

  • Fusion Accounting Integration Platform
  • Fusion Accounting Integration Platform
  • Fusion Accounting Integration Platform
Feature Benefit
Centralized accounting engine and repository
  • Consistently enforce accounting policies with centralized control and detailed audit trails
  • Define rules once to build accounting entries and reuse them to rapidly integrate new source systems
  • Increase efficiency by exporting and importing accounting rules from test to production environments
Date-effective accounting rules
  • Meet changing accounting regulations or corporate structures with effective dating of rules, complete with audit trails
  • Anticipate accounting changes by applying future-dated rules
  • Manage reporting and organizational changes with date effective tree hierarchies
Sophisticated error and exception handling
  • Accelerate the monthly close with prompt resolution of accounting errors
  • Quickly isolate, research, and resolve exceptions with business oriented exception management and on-line inquiries
Supporting references
  • Keep your chart of accounts and general ledger pristine by storing balances based on business dimensions outside the chart of accounts (i.e., geographies, channel, industry, investment type, product category, etc.)
  • Accelerate decision-making by reporting and analyzing on these detailed balances that are stored in the accounting repository
Complete audit trails
  • Reconcile balances and close your books faster with the detailed accounting repository that is used to reconcile to source systems
  • Quickly audit balances with drilldowns from existing general ledger balances to the specific journal lines in the accounting repository
  • Increase auditing efficiency by reviewing the audit trail of changes, allowing accountants to compare old and new versions of the rules
Compliance with multiple reporting and accounting requirements
  • Simultaneously meet diverse corporate, management, and reporting requirements, such as U.S. GAAP, IFRS, and local statutory requirements
  • Meet any accounting requirement by configuring accounting rules based on any attribute of a transaction
  • Meet compliance requirements, such as Section 404 Sarbanes-Oxley, with a single source of accounting truth for all external and legacy systems with validations that are fully documented for complete transparency
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