Accounting Integration Platform

The Complete Accounting Integration Platform

Fusion Accounting Hub’s accounting integration platform allows customers to integrate and standardize accounting from non-Oracle transactional systems to create accounting entries in any general ledger (e.g., Fusion, E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft or other non-Oracle general ledger systems. The highly configurable and centralized rules engine transforms transaction information from third party systems to create accurate, detailed, and auditable accounting entries to meet statutory, corporate, regulatory, and management reporting needs.

  • Fusion Accounting Integration Platform
  • Fusion Accounting Integration Platform
  • Fusion Accounting Integration Platform
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  • Eliminate the need to manage custom accounting logic for 3rd party transactional systems and diverse industry applications (e.g, billing systems for telecommunications, core banking platforms, or claims systems for insurance) in a very controlled and consistent fashion
  • Simultaneously meet diverse accounting and reporting requirements, such as U.S. GAAP, IFRS, local statutory requirements, etc.
  • Flexibly configure rules to create accounting entries based on any attribute of a transaction
  • Ensure rapid integration of new systems by defining accounting rules once and deploying them many times across different external and legacy systems
  • Store balances based on business dimensions outside your chart of accounts, keeping your general ledger summarized and uncluttered with unnecessary details
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