Fusion Financials

The New Standard for Finance

Oracle Fusion Financials revolutionizes productivity and information access with native, real-time intelligence. Oracle Fusion Financials is a complete financial management solution. It includes a broad suite of capabilities including general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, fixed assets, and cash management. It also includes expense and collections management that all sit on top of a 100% open, standards-based platform to help customers increase business agility and standardize business processes.

  • Fusion Financials
  • Fusion Financials
  • Fusion Financials
  • Fusion Financials
  • Fusion Financials
Feature Benefit
Real-time Updates to Embedded Multidimensional Data Model
  • Ensure timely and accurate information with real-time updates to balances upon posting transactions
  • Quickly analyze and report on balances that are pre-summarized at every possible summarization level in the chart of accounts hierarchy
  • Eliminate the need to have multiple systems or data warehouses by using a single system that supports all financial management, reporting, and analysis needs
General Accounting Dashboard
  • Have a comprehensive view of journals requiring attention, intercompany transactions that are incomplete, account balances that have exceeded their thresholds, and the close status of subledgers and ledgers from a central place
  • Increase user productivity by reducing multiple searches and the number of pages he needs to access by pushing information across areas in one place
Close Status Monitor
  • Close your books faster by immediately viewing the close status across subledgers and ledgers from a central location
  • Have more control by viewing the reasons of outstanding subledger transactions, complete with drilldowns to originating transactions
Account Monitor
  • Continuously be alerted to sudden changes in account balances in real-time based on thresholds you define so you can take action sooner
  • Quickly drill down through multiple levels of summarized balances, view different perspectives of the balance, and even drill back to the originating transaction to investigate the root cause
Date-Effective Account Hierarchies
  • Maintain multiple versions of your account hierarchies to accommodate changes in organizational structures and the chart of accounts
  • Report on different hierarchy versions for comparison purposes and what-if analysis
Projected Balances During Journal Entry
  • View the projected balance of an account during journal entry to understand the impact before posting
Allocation Engine and Wizard
  • Intuitively create complex allocation formulas with the graphical allocation wizard
  • Significantly improve performance by allocating pre-summarized balances
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