Fusion Financials

The New Standard for Finance

Oracle Fusion Financials revolutionizes productivity and information access with native, real-time intelligence. Oracle Fusion Financials is a complete financial management solution. It includes a broad suite of capabilities including general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, fixed assets, and cash management. It also includes expense and collections management that all sit on top of a 100% open, standards-based platform to help customers increase business agility and standardize business processes.

  • Fusion Financials
  • Fusion Financials
  • Fusion Financials
  • Fusion Financials
  • Fusion Financials
Feature Benefit
Centralized accounting engine and repository
  • Consistently enforce accounting policies with centralized control and detailed audit trails
  • Quickly adapt to accounting changes with a centralized rules engine where you define, test, and maintain accounting rules
Date-effective accounting rules
  • Meet changing accounting regulations or corporate structures with effective dating of rules, complete with audit trails
  • Anticipate accounting changes by applying future-dated rules
Supporting references
  • Keep your chart of accounts and general ledger pristine by storing balances based on business dimensions outside the chart of accounts (i.e., geographies, channel, industry, investment type, product category, etc.)
  • Accelerate decision-making by reporting and analyzing on balances stored in the accounting repository
Compliance with multiple reporting and accounting requirements
  • Simultaneously meet diverse corporate, management, and reporting requirements, such as U.S. GAAP, IFRS, and local statutory requirements
  • Meet any accounting requirement by configuring accounting rules based on any attribute of a transaction
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