Oracle Fusion Applications’ Unique Design Principles

Designed from the ground-up using the latest technology advances, Oracle Fusion Applications are 100 percent open-standards-based business applications that set a new standard for the way we innovate, work, and adopt technology. Built on a set of unique design principles, only Oracle Fusion Applications set a new standard for business.


Complete Standards-Based Foundation: Reduce Costs and Accelerate Innovation

  • Reduce integration costs, management overhead and training budgets by using on commercially available technology standards
  • Accelerate the pace of change and time-to-market for new initiatives
  • Rapidly create unique, custom-fit processes and extensions that differentiate your business.

Complete User Experience: A Role-Based Approach to Increasing Productivity

  • A tailored experience with built-in flexibility to from the executive leadership team to front-line workers and customers
  • Incorporating more than 4,000 hours of customer input and testing involving more than 1,000 businesses and public sector organizations
  • Embedded business intelligence accelerates the pace and accuracy of business decisions
  • Integrated enterprise collaboration and social technologies securely connect teams with the processes in which they participate

Complete Choice: A Flexible Approach to Adoption and Deployment

  • A complete yet modular approach enables the uptake of Oracle Fusion Applications at your pace and on your timeline
  • New applications work with and add significant business value to other Oracle Applications
  • Flexible deployment options including on-premise, public clouds, private clouds and public clouds)

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Standard New Capabilities Business Benefit
The New Standard for Innovation
  • Built on a 100 percent standards-based, commercially available middleware foundation—Oracle Fusion Middleware
  • Simplified configuration and business-led extensions
  • Service-oriented architecture and common meta-data
  • Lower cost and decreased risk for implementation, integration, and innovation
  • Future-friendly business adaptability
  • The ability to make changes once and update all business processes, business logic, business intelligence, and user interfaces simultaneously
The New Standard for Work
  • Complete role-based experience built for users and tested by the world's leading organizations
  • In-content business intelligence, provided at the point of decision
  • Built-in social and collaboration capabilities designed for the enterprise
  • Increased productivity
  • Faster, better-informed decisions
  • More-informed teams and faster resolution of issues and exceptions
The New Standard for Technology Adoption
  • Choice of deployment options including on-premise, hosted, private cloud, or public cloud
  • Modular application design – choice of module, family or suite
  • Rapid set-up and implementation tools
  • Implement using the delivery strategy that works for your business
  • Designed to work with your existing application investments
  • Reduced time and risk at implementation and upgrade
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