Fusion Performance Management

Support Managers and HR Administrators With Embedded Intelligence

Oracle Fusion Performance Management is designed to support workers, managers, and business leaders with point-in-time evaluation of worker performance. Organizations can configure the performance process to match their business practice. An industry-leading user experience enables workers and managers to easily see where they are and move smoothly through the process.

  • Fusion Performance Management
  • Fusion Performance Management
  • Fusion Performance Management
  • Fusion Performance Management
Feature Benefit
Flexible, Configurable Evaluations
  • Support a streamlined performance management process with a flexible, configurable template-driven setup
Effective User Experience
  • View worker and manager ratings side-by-side in the performance document
Simplified Performance Comparison
  • Provide multiple evaluations for a single worker, such as last and current periods
Goal Sharing
  • Improve alignment by enabling individuals to share goals with other individuals with whom they work on a day-to-day basis

Collaboration on Shared Goals

  • Improve productivity by enabling collaboration on shared goals
Profile Goal Achievement Updates
  • Define target outcomes such as competencies and certifications and automatically update employee's profile when goals are achieved
Personal Goal Tracking
  • Enable individuals to set personal goals
Set and Track Development Goals
  • Enable individuals to set and track development goals, separate from performance goals
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