Fusion Workforce Directory Management

Synchronize Existing Core HCM with Fusion

Oracle Fusion Workforce Directory Management's graphical organizational chart provides an integrated view of all information related to an employee with an extremely user friendly interface. A powerful keyword search provides access to a 360 degree view of the employee and provides both personal (name, address, contact details etc) and professional details (supervisor, department, role, competency etc).

  • Oracle Fusion Workforce Directory Management
  • Oracle Fusion Workforce Directory Management
Feature Benefit
Know your Organization
  • Quickly understand structured, where people are located and relative relationship to one another
Analyze Your Organization
  • Drill into the organization to assess information such as headcount and workforce costs
Compare your Workers
  • Assess and predict which workers are ready for a promotion, new role or be given a raise by comparing against each other
Understand and Implement Successful HR Changes
  • Understand what competencies need to be improved before moving an employee into a new role
Worker Information at Your Fingertips
  • Allow users to compare and analyze 9000+ additional pieces of worker information
Dimensional Worker Information
  • View workforce information by a variety of dimensions, such as time, department or location
View Information as a Graph or Table
  • Toggle between graphical bar charts and statistical tables for information display from within the solution
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