Fusion Workforce Lifecycle Manager

End to End Management of all Workforce-Related Processes

Oracle Fusion Workforce Lifecycle Manager (WLM) empowers the HR organizations and line managers through flexible orchestrated business processes. Through a single point of contact, HR as a line of business can adjust policies and practices in real time, validate return on investment (ROI), cut operational costs and evaluate adoption through dashboards and analytics. While new hires are walked through a single user interface throughout the on-boarding process, for example, HR and line managers can control and manage through metrics the business processes, or even change and redeploy them as they need adjustments.

  • Fusion Workforce Lifecycle Manager
  • Fusion Workforce Lifecycle Manager
  • Fusion Workforce Lifecycle Manager
Feature Benefit
Single Point of interaction
  • Provide a single point of interaction for all employees and for all on boarding related activities
Connected Orchestrated Processes
  • Provide end-to-end management of all workforce related processes
On-boarding Best Practices
  • Ramp up quickly with out-of-the-box best practice processes which can be easily tailored for individual business needs
  • Create and manage global and local workforce processes in real time and with minimal IT intervention
  • Ensure corporate and legal compliance by embedding required activities within the processes
  • Easily embed manual processes into the overall business process to improve accuracy
Activity Guides
  • Provide a single point of interaction where workers can be walked through workforce processes
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