Fusion Workforce Predictions

Forward Looking Management Strategies

Oracle Fusion Workforce Predictions uses indicators, current and historical, to predict performance and attrition, determine corrective action through “what if” scenario modeling, and provide the ability to implement that corrective action. For example, a top performer might be predicted to have a high likelihood of attrition or become a poor performer because of too many hours worked while not taking enough vacation time and the last pay increase given was lower than what their peers received.

  • Fusion Workforce Predictions
  • Fusion Workforce Predictions
  • Fusion Workforce Predictions
Feature Benefit
Predict Workforce Performance
  • Know which workers or organizations are likely to be top performers and why
Understand Performance Drivers
  • What those reasons are and which ones are important
Know What to Change
  • Initiate change quickly and remain informed of what will likely have the largest impact on a workers
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