Oracle Fusion Distributed Order Orchestration

Satisfy Customer Demand Quickly and at the Lowest Cost

Oracle's Distributed Order Orchestration sources and routes omni-channel orders, can be implemented one step at a time so that you don't disrupt critical operations, and gives you visibility into your in-process orders so that you always know where things are.

  • Oracle Fusion Distributed Order Orchestration
  • Oracle Fusion Distributed Order Orchestration
  • Oracle Fusion Distributed Order Orchestration
  • Oracle Fusion Distributed Order Orchestration
Feature Benefit

Centralized Fulfillment Monitoring

  • Central monitoring of order status across disparate systems
  • Pre-defined set of actions to resolve exceptions for a set of selected order lines
  • Pro-active identification and resolution of potential problem orders


  • Respond faster to status inquiries
  • Reduce exception handling cost
  • Increased customer satisfaction

Highly Adaptable Business Processes

  • Centralized decomposition rules to break complex orders into separate, interrelated fulfillment plans to multi- channel, division, and partner fulfillment networks
  • Automated, centrally-defined orchestration processes
  • Forward/backward process planning and Gantt chart view to track key process milestones including at-risk severity


  • Reduce order handling costs
  • Decrease time to revenue
  • Improve accuracy of promise dates

Global View of Availability

  • Single administration environment to define common order promising rules
  • Integrated cost data and order promising rules for profitable-to-promise based availability
  • Recommendations for supply alternatives and ability to simulate the impact before committing
  • Embedded intelligence to measure effect of supply decisions on cost and on-time delivery metrics


  • Provide consistent order promising
  • Reduce inventory costs
  • Improve on-time delivery
  • Improve supply KPI compliance
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