Green Compliance

Prove Green Compliance. Deliver Eco-Transparency. Enhance and Protect Brand.

Operating a green business requires making changes throughout your organization - from the way you manage your daily functions and employee relations to the products you offer to your customers. An important aspect of operating a green business is the ability to prove that your practices are environmentally compliant. Because going green is an ongoing program for business transformation and not a one-time project, your organization must set the boundaries for determining the scope around your green initiatives; establish targets for improving environmental performance; and then measure your progress against these targets. Existing standards from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO 14001) provide guidelines for:

  • Establishing an environmental policy
  • Planning environmental objectives and measurable targets
  • Managing the implementation and execution of programs to meet targets and obectives
  • Determining the environmental impacts of activities
  • Reviewing and taking corrective action by management

Oracle Enterprise GRC Manager delivers a complete information structure for implementing an ISO 14001 compliant environmental management system. Built on industry-leading content and process management technology, Oracle GRC Manager enables your organization to apply a systemic approach to achieving and proving compliance with ISO 14001 and other environmental management standards. For more information about GRC, visit here.


Leverage Gain Accomplish
Leverage Green Compliance Single documentation repository for environmental objectives and policies
  • Meet and exceed documentation requirements for ISO 14001 sections 4.1 thru 4.4
  • Link corporate policies and procedures to laws, regulations, and standards as evidence of compliance
  • Maintain full documentation history with versioning, history, and audit traceability
  Automation of environmental audit and management review lifecycle
  • Meet and exceed ISO 14001 section 4.5.5 internal audit requirements, and section 4.5.6 management assessment requirements
  • Assign resources and track progress, manage work papers, and report audit results
  • Apply multi-tier management sign-off and certification for environmental management assessments
  Ongoing measurement and improvement of environmental performance
  • Meet and exceed requirements for ISO 14001 section 4.5.3 non-conformities requirements
  • Capture issues from testing or external control management systems
  • Define environmental impact and remediation plan and escalate appropriately for swift resolution