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At the Oracle OpenWorld conference in San Francisco, Oracle hosted a Green Room where experts discussed a variety of sustainability topics. These sessions included customer speakers, panel discussions, green thought leaders, and Oracle experts. Watch some of those sessions here.


  • Big Red Going Green: What Oracle Is Doing to Become a More Sustainable Enterprise
    Partnering with federal and state agencies and voluntary organizations, Oracle has become a leader in the software industry on energy and environmental issues. Its management promotes green practices by minimizing resource utilization, emphasizing sustainable resources, and minimizing and recycling waste, believing that information and efficiency are at the core of the green enterprise. Learn more in this session.
  • Building a Sustainable Business: A Contrarian View
    "Going green" is one of the hottest topics in boardrooms all over the world but often not very well understood. How do you make the business case for such a feel-good subject. Public relations? Risk management? Is there a business opportunity? Learn how to build a sustainable business, using numerous real-life examples. If you are looking for inspiration on how to make sense out of "green" and "sustainable" and make it a tangible business driver, watch this presentation.


  • Welcome to the Green Data Center
    Jeff Henley, Oracle's Chairman of the Board, discusses Oracle's committment to developing practices and products that protect the environment. Jeff also introduces the winners of Oracle's "Empower the Green Enterprise" award. This session then includes a discussion by Mark Sunday, Oracle Senior Vice President and CIO, who talks about how the phenomenal growth of the scope and power of the data center has significantly increased its energy consumption. IT teams are monitoring server and storage utilization and must consider ways to raise utilization levels so that IT hardware does not sit idle while consuming power and driving up ventilation and cooling costs. Hear experts discuss some of the powerful techniques that can help improve energy efficiency and data center productivity.


  • Empowering a Green Room Enterprise with Oracle Applications
    Oracle Senior Vice President of Applications Development Ed Abbo discusses how Oracle Applications can enable a green enterprise. This presentation discusses how you can develop products and processes that provide customer and business value with significantly decreased environmental impacts and how to provide the data and metrics critical to fact-based decision-making and sound environmental management.
  • The Green Enterprise: Enabling an Eco-Advantage with Oracle Applications
    This interactive panel session discusses how Oracle Applications can enable eco-advantage for customers. Panelists provide customer examples and discuss specific solutions and road maps to show how you too can improve the eco-efficiency of your organization by cutting out waste, using resources productively, and minimizing your carbon footprint.


  • The Future of Conservation with Dr. Sanjayan from The Nature Conservancy
    Since humanity began we have engaged in the act of reading the signs visible on the planet and predicting future impacts; and if we are lucky and wise, preparing correctly for what it might bring. We see five major forces—mega trends - at work today that will influence where we work, how we work, and why we work. While there are no doubt other forces at play, these five mega trends represent influences that can exacerbate or alleviate planetary ills.
  • Innovation for Sustainability
    Daniel Esty, Hillhouse Professor of Environmental Law and Policy and the co-author of the book, Green Into Gold, discusses how leading-edge companies go beyond the basics of cutting waste and operating efficiently & innovatively embed environmental considerations into all aspects of their operations. This includes things like designing innovative products to help customers with their environmental problems or creating new eco-defined market spaces, pushing their suppliers and partners to be better environmental stewards, and partnering with non-governmental organizations and other stakeholders to locate and implement innovative solutions to environmental problems.
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