'Empower the Green Enterprise' Awards

Empower the Green Enterprise Awards Winners

Oracle unveiled the winners of the 2008 'Empower the Green Enterprise' awards at the Oracle OpenWorld conference in San Francisco. This award showcases customer successes using Oracle products to support their green business practices.

  • Showcasing its customers' environmental leadership, Oracle recognized 16 global customers and their respective partners with 'Empower the Green Enterprise' awards.
  • The Oracle 'Empower the Green Enterprise' award recognizes customers from a wide-range of industries that are using Oracle products to support their green business practices and sustainability initiatives in order to reduce environmental impact, costs and improve business efficiencies.
  • Recipients of the 2008 Oracle 'Empower the Green Enterprise' Award include: Alcoa, Australian Vintage Limited, BT Group, Dell, Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, Fiji Water, Ingersoll-Rand, Intercall, Interface, Motorola, National Ignition Facility & Photon Service, Novartis International AG, Pacific Gas & Electric, Standard Parking, Sun Microsystems, and Supervalu.
  • The partners that worked with these customers and also received an Oracle "Empower the Green Enterprise" award include: Conservation International, CSS International, Deloitte, IHS, HCL Technologies, Sirius Technologies AG and Wipro Technologies.
  • The 16 winning companies were selected by a panel of seven judges, including three sustainability experts: Cody Sisco, manager of Advisory Services at Business for Social Responsibility (BSR); Daniel Esty, Hillhouse Professor of Environmental Law and Policy, Yale University; and Mike Sweeney, executive director of The Nature Conservancy's California chapter.


Oracle continues to deliver products and services that give organizations an eco-advantage, enabling them to cut costs, reduce risks, drive revenues and improve brand reputation by running lean and green.

Organizations can achieve an eco-advantage in various ways:

  • Improving the efficiency of their organization-the eco-efficiency-by cutting out waste, using resources productively, and minimizing the carbon footprint.
  • Improving product and service designs so they're based on green processes, such as minimizing waste by-products and designing for recycling-or eco-innovation
  • Gaining knowledge into the value chain so that the business can promote its green brand and enhance and protect its overall brand-or eco-transparency.


  • "With global businesses consuming significant amounts of resources, it is important that leading technology vendors proactively help their customers reduce their carbon footprint," said Daniel Esty, Hillhouse Professor of Environmental Law and Policy, Yale University. "The 'Empower the Green Enterprise' awards extend Oracle's support of environmental issues and raise additional awareness of how organizations can leverage eco-advantage."
  • "Global businesses recognize that environmental responsibility is good business," said Jeff Henley, Chairman of the Board, Oracle. "Whether green projects are driven by an organization's desire to protect the environment, reduce costs, produce eco-friendly goods to meet growing consumer demand, or comply with increasing levels of government regulation, the results can be both good for the environment and good for business. Oracle's 'Empower the Green Enterprise' awards showcase the success of environmental IT initiatives and the tangible business benefits our customers across the world are realizing by pursuing green practices."
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