'Enable the Eco-Enterprise' Awards for 2009

Enable the Green Enterprise Awards Winners

  • Showcasing its customers' environmental leadership, Oracle has honored 15 global customers and their respective partners with the Oracle 'Enable the Eco-Enterprise' awards.
  • This award recognizes 15 customers and their respective partners from a wide-range of industries. The winning companies are relying on Oracle Applications, sustainability reporting and/or technology products to support their green business practices and sustainability initiatives in order to reduce their environmental impact, while improving business efficiencies and reducing costs.
  • Recipients of the 2009 Oracle 'Enable the Eco-Enterprise' Award include: Abigroup Limited, EMC Corporation, IBAMA, Kraft Foods Global, Inc., Ministry of Justice of Turkey, Missouri Division of Professional Registration, Motorola, NH Hoteles SA, Panduit, Reflexite Corporation, Remote Energy Monitoring, S-OIL, San Diego Gas & Electric, Sprint, and Utah Department of Transportation.
  • The winning partners include Andrews Consulting Group, Capgemini, Condomínio de Soluçóes (CDS), Deloitte Consulting, Havelsan, Ndevr Pty Ltd, Oracle Customer Services, Tallgrass Technologies, and WTS Inc.
  • The 15 winning companies were selected by a panel of six judges, which included four Oracle green experts along with Cody Sisco, Manager of Advisory Services at Business for Social Responsibility (BSR) and Kathleen Schwille, Director, Program Development, National Geographic Education Programs.
  • These awards were presented by Oracle Chairman, Jeff Henley during an executive session at Oracle OpenWorld. Click here for more information about this awards session.


Oracle continues to deliver products and services that enable organizations to become eco-enterprises—enabling them to cut costs, reduce risks, drive revenues and improve brand reputation by running lean and green.

Organizations can achieve an eco-advantage in various ways:

  • Improving the efficiency of their organization-the eco-efficiency-by cutting out waste, using resources productively, and minimizing the carbon footprint.
  • Improving product and service designs so they're based on green processes, such as minimizing waste by-products and designing for recycling-or eco-innovation
  • Gaining knowledge into the value chain so that the business can promote its green brand and enhance and protect its overall brand-or eco-transparency.


  • "The world's leading organizations are embracing environmental initiatives as a central part of their business strategy," said Oracle Chairman, Jeff Henley. "While these initiatives are driven by a diverse range of business objectives, including the desire to protect the environment, reduce costs or produce eco-friendly goods to meet growing consumer demand, the one constant is the central role for Information Technology. This is why Oracle is acknowledging its customers' environmental leadership with the "Enable the Eco-Enterprise" awards as environmental initiatives are not only good for the environment, but ultimately good for business overall."
  • "Technology vendors have a critical role to play to enable more sustainable business practices," said Cody Sisco, Manager of Advisory Services at BSR (Business for Social Responsibility). "The emphasis on sustainability at Oracle's global customer and partner event demonstrates how important it considers these opportunities. Through Oracle's "Enable the Eco-Enterprise" awards, Oracle is rewarding more sustainable business practices, and demonstrating how other organizations can use technology to cut costs, improve business efficiencies, and minimize their environmental impacts. We encourage Oracle and the software industry to continue to accelerate their customers' progress in addressing sustainability challenges."

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