Enable the Eco-Enterprise for Aerospace and Defense

Oracle's Approach to Sustainability in the Aerospace and Defense Industry

Leading aerospace and defense companies recognize that environmental responsibility is good business and that well-structured environmental practices deliver triple bottom line benefits to people, planet, and profits. Aerospace and Defense companies have a critical role to play in global sustainability initiatives because they are significant and visible consumers of energy. They tend to be large organizations with multiple facilities dedicated to manufacturing, engineering, and administration.

  • Commercial Aerospace: Aerospace companies have extended global supply chains that move material using multiple modes of transportation. Oracle can help lower fuel costs by helping them streamline logistics and inventory management.
  • Defense: Defense companies manage their own infrastructure as well as facilities owned by the government at GOCO (government owned / contractor operated) locations. Site operations, logistics management, and infrastructure management all contribute to energy consumption and create opportunities for improved performance.

Oracle's sustainability-related solutions can help aerospace and defense companies drive towards sustainable business operations, reduce the carbon impact of their IT infrastructure and help comply with environmental regulations that impact the industry.

Business Drivers Initiatives Oracle Product Solutions
Regulatory Compliance
  • Improve reporting and analysis of carbon footprint
  • Comply with emerging regulations and minimize environmental impact
  • Strengthen stakeholder relations
Sustainability Analytics Oracle Environmental Accounting and Reporting
Oracle Sustainability Sensor Data Management
Sustainability Reporting Oracle Hyperion Financial Management
Oracle Business Intelligence
Environmental Planning Oracle Hyperion Planning
Risk and Compliance Management Oracle Governance, Risk and Compliance
Business Operations
  • Reduce fuel costs and emissions
  • Improve fleet utilization and eliminate deadhead and empty miles
  • Develop energy efficient facilities
  • Optimize transportation network
  • Adopt e-freight initiatives for increased efficiency
Supply Chain Design and Planning Oracle Strategic Network Optimization
Sustainable Sourcing Oracle Transportation Sourcing
Sustainable Logistics Oracle Transportation Management
Oracle Cooperative Routing
Oracle Fleet Management
Paperless Processes
Oracle Contact Center
IT Infrastructure
  • Reduce IT energy use and costs
  • Reduce floor space in the data center
  • Improve utilization of all IT assets and lower IT costs
Energy Efficient Platform Sun Server, Storage and Networking, Oracle Optimized Solutions, Engineered Systems Exadata and Exalogic Elastic Cloud
Consolidation and Virtualization Server and Storage Consolidation
Oracle VM Server
Oracle Real Applications Clusters
Oracle Advanced Compression
Cloud Computing Oracle Cloud Computing
Intelligent Storage Sun Storage
Resource Management Oracle Enterprise Manager

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