Enable the Eco-Enterprise for the Retail Industry

Oracle's Approach to Sustainability in the Retail Industry

Leading retailers recognize that environmental responsibility is good business, and that well-structured environmental practices deliver triple bottom line benefits to people, planet and profits.

Consumers are increasingly factoring environmental and sustainability considerations into their purchase decisions, and they want to know that retailers are helping them make environmentally smart choices. Whether purchasing groceries, hard goods, or apparel, consumers want to choose products with low energy usage and minimal packaging waste, and are learning to ask about green manufacturing processes. Reducing energy consumption in stores, distribution centers, and across the distribution network also presents cost reduction and efficiency opportunities for retailers that they can promote as green initiatives to their customers.

  • Packaging: Companies in the food, beverage, and consumer products industries plan to cut packaging waste by 2.5 billion pounds between 2011and 2020 (Grocery Manufacturers Association) . Retailers are looking to reduce packaging weight and waste, both by focusing on their own packaging practices, and by encouraging manufacturers to optimize the sustainability of and "lightweight" product packaging.
  • Energy efficiency in stores and distribution centers: Retailers are looking to curb carbon emissions and reduce costs by gaining higher energy efficiencies across their stores and distribution centers. Installing low-energy lighting, insulation, and efficient refrigeration are just a few examples of how they are doing this.
  • Supply Chain: Fuel is a big expense for a retailer's distribution network. Transportation management solutions can help reduce fuel costs by optimizing load plans, truck routes, and driver assignment to loads. Oracle can also help retailers monitor and manage the carbon footprint for their transportation networks and the supply chain services they provide through load, route, and transportation mode optimization.

Oracle's sustainability-related solutions can help retailers drive towards sustainable business operations, reduce the carbon impact of their stores, distribution centers, and supply chain networks; and grow sales from the growing population of environmentally conscious consumers.

Business Drivers Initiatives Oracle Product Solutions
Risk and Performance Management
  • Keep consumers informed of your green processes
  • Differentiate from competitors
  • Build brand loyalty with environmentally conscious shoppers
Sustainability Analytics Oracle Environmental Accounting and Reporting
Oracle Sustainability Sensor Data Management
Sustainability Reporting Oracle Hyperion Financial Management
Oracle Business Intelligence
Environmental Planning Oracle Hyperion Planning
Risk and Compliance Management Oracle Governance, Risk and Compliance
Business Operations
  • Reduce packaging waste
  • Lessen carbon emissions and energy usage in stores and distribution centers
  • Build efficiencies and reduce fuel costs in your supply chain network
Supply Chain Design and Planning Oracle Strategic Network Optimization
Sustainable Sourcing Oracle Transportation Sourcing
Sustainable Logistics Oracle Transportation Management
Oracle Cooperative Routing
Oracle Fleet Management
Paperless Processes
Oracle Contact Center
IT Infrastructure
  • Reduce IT energy use and costs
  • Reduce floor space in the data center
  • Improve utilization of all IT assets and lower IT costs
Energy Efficient Platform Sun Server, Storage and Networking, Oracle Optimized Solutions, Engineered Systems Exadata and Exalogic Elastic Cloud
Consolidation and Virtualization Server and Storage Consolidation
Oracle VM Server
Oracle Real Applications Clusters
Oracle Advanced Compression
Cloud Computing Oracle Cloud Computing
Intelligent Storage Sun Storage
Resource Management Oracle Enterprise Manager

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