IHS is the leading provider of local and global Environmental, Health, and Safety and Crisis Management sustainability software solutions. Their software enables organizations to execute on initiatives for corporate sustainability, environmental compliance, health and safety and greenhouse gas emissions management.

Supporting your sustainability initiatives requires capabilities to measure, analyze, manage, improve and innovate across a broad range of sustainability metrics and processes. To help facilitate this, Oracle has teamed up with IHS to offer joint solutions aimed at helping organizations improve their collection and management of environmental data and programs, while reducing the cost and complexity involved. With this initiative, the two companies are helping to broaden the focus of green IT from computing alone to IT's role in addressing the larger problem of environmental impacts from non-IT processes such as manufacturing, logistics and building operations.


Oracle Eco-Enterprise Award Winner

Partner Details

Oracle Eco-Enterprise Award Winner

  • IHS was one of the 15 recipients of Oracle's 'Enable the Eco-Enterprise' award in 2008.
  • IHS worked with Alcoa to win this award
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