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Knowledge Global is a sustainable solutions development company. Their award winning software, EMMA, lets you successfully integrate and analyze your resource consumption and emissions management data, letting you monitor and report on relevant data in real time, across many different scenarios.

EMMA allows the management and measurement of information in real time to deliver relevant and precise knowledge. The auditable system records and verifies efficiency best practices in order to:

  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Maximize shareholder value
  • Mitigate financial and legislative risk

Knowledge Global uses EMMA to analyze company resource usage, integrating data from a number of sources including utility meters and building management systems and sensors. With this information your company can streamline its energy consumption, saving you money that can be reinvested elsewhere.

EMMA and the NSW (Australia) Energy Savings Scheme
Operating since July 2009, the NSW Energy Savings Scheme (ESS) is based on the world's first carbon trading scheme. Using a supply and demand mechanism, energy retailers are forced to buy certificates in a bid to encourage energy reduction by end users. Knowledge Global creates certificates on actual verified savings of energy against reliable baselines. There is full transparency on these savings, giving the purchaser confidence in the value of the certificates. By measuring key metrics, Knowledge Global assures the businesses are operating as usual, offering a service with administration, quality assurance, registration, brokering and accountability to the scheme Administrator.

Case Study – Fitness First NSW

  • 37 Fitness First gyms in NSW are saving around $680,000 each year in energy costs against their base line
  • This equates to a 15% electricity cost reduction. Fitness First is now receiving around $120,000 per year from NSW ESS carbon revenue
  • This money is reinvested into new efficiency projects, creating a continuous improvement cycle



Partner Details

Oracle Eco-Enterprise Innovation Award Winner

  • Knowledge Global was a select recipient of Oracle's Eco-Enterprise Innovation award in 2013 and in 2011.
  • Knowledge Global worked with Centennial Coal in 2013 and with Juniper Networks in 2011 to win this award .

Striving for success is what drives Oracle and its customers and partners to continually discover innovative uses for Oracle technology and to deploy successful and ground-breaking solutions and best practices. The Oracle Excellence Award recognizes customers and partners that have excelled in driving business value together with Oracle.

Oracle Eco-Enterprise Award Winner
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