Capture, Analyze and Report Sustainability Data with Oracle Sustainability Sensor Data Management

Oracle Sustainability Sensor Data Management (SSDM) provides capabilities to drive sustainability initiatives. In order to help executives and managers tackle mounting social and legislative pressures from various stakeholders to go green, Oracle SSDM introduces innovative core capabilities to monitor energy usage, reduce waste and reach Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emission reduction goals.

SSDM helps drive:

  • Eco-efficiency—comparisons of actual energy usage to target goals and previous periods and highlighting underperforming facilities, areas and assets for corrective action
  • Eco-innovation—correlation of energy consumption to operating conditions and production output to understand not only your GHG emissions, but your "return on carbon"
  • Eco-transparency—directly integrates with smart meters, environmental management systems, and building automation systems and collects energy consumption and emissions data, which is presented via energy monitoring dashboards. Oracle Sustainability Sensor Data Management functionality within the Manufacturing Operations Center application helps transform a business into a true "eco-enterprise"

Oracle Sustainability Sensor Data Management is part of Manufacturing Operations Center (MOC)


Addressing the increasing pressures for environmentally responsible management requires more than just tracking energy consumption. It requires the ability to benchmark performance against historical data, compare performance across assets and facilities and analyze sustainability data contextualized in combination with operational conditions such as facility employee headcount, square footage, equipment operating parameters, manufacturing yield, working hours and so on. Some specific areas where implementation of comprehensive energy usage and carbon tracking yield benefits that include:

  • Reduced energy usage and costs through measuring, analyzing and tracking of energy consumption resulting across the enterprise
  • Aids reporting to meet carbon regulations and customer requirements
  • Enhanced corporate brand image by pursuing socially responsible green initiatives
  • Continuous improvement of operations as part of lean and six sigma initiatives
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