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Solutions 4 Retail Brands (S4RB) provide quick and effective solutions to engage with executives, associates and suppliers in order to empower change and create environmental and financial value. Whether with internal associates and/or external suppliers, successful engagement affects the efficiency of every interaction. S4RB follow the principle of: (People + Platform) x Engagement = Solution. The higher the engagement, the more efficient those interactions will be.

S4RB deliver these solutions utilizing the highly reliable, robust and secure Oracle® RightNow platform (S4RB are Oracle GOLD Partners). Proven in the most demanding situations with the world's largest retail brands, these solutions accelerate success and multiply the impact of any initiatives, such as:

  • Accelerated new product development
  • Improved quality (including product testing, taste panels and customer feedback)
  • Assurance of compliance, traceability and due diligence

The diverse objectives around corporate social responsibility and sustainability have the same challenges around engagement: internal and external. For most retailers and brand owners the major environmental impacts are supply chain-related. Driving resource efficiency and improvements in both products and your supply chain require:


  • Rapid collection of information on products, process, supply chain and waste streams
  • Successful engagement with executives, associates and suppliers

The S4RB approach to engagement using S4RB Engage™ (based on Oracle RightNow CX) enables retailers and brand owners to achieve sustainability goals through fast, accurate data collection and reporting against chosen key performance indicators (KPIs), sharing information on best practice and achievements to:


  • Improve ethical and sustainability reporting and compliance
  • Measure and track progress
  • Share achievements
  • Substantiate the facts for corporate claims

Ultimately the goal is to engage executives, associates and suppliers so as to empower change that creates environmental and financial value. Successful engagement will accelerate overall success and multiply the impacts achieved.

Waste Stream Data Collection and Reporting
An example of where S4RB Engage™ can be used is in the specific challenge of waste reduction. Retailers wish to reduce waste in order to both minimize environmental impact and costs. As with any initiative a key step is to measure and understand the impact; what are the different types of waste - the 'waste streams' - and to share this impact and chosen KPI in order to drive improvement.

One of the many solutions available with S4RB Engage™ is the waste stream reporting based on the different waste streams collections from each store or depot so you can:

  • Collect data on waste by type, volume and destination waste (e.g. landfill, recycling, incineration etc.)
  • Red flag non-compliance (e.g. aerosols being diverted to landfill)
  • Identify opportunities for efficiency
  • Manage through visibility (such as KPI dashboards to each store/depot) to drive improvement

Successful data collection and reporting will aid waste reduction and can help convert waste streams into revenue streams.


Partner Details

Oracle Eco-Enterprise Innovation Award Winner

Solutions 4 Retail Brands was the partner selected by Walmart when Robert Kaplan, Director Product Sustainability for Walmart won the 2013 Oracle Chief Sustainability Officer of the Year.

Oracle Eco-Enterprise Award Winner
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