Enable the Eco-Enterprise for Oracle Utilities

Oracle's Approach to Sustainability in the Utilities Industry
Utilities are no strangers to sustainability as a business driver. Environmental issues go right to the core of utilities business practices. While other industries are learning to define sustainability in their organizations, utilities have long been leading the way with environmental impact considerations being imbedded in both strategy and operations. This is not to say that the landscape is not changing. New and important innovations in such areas as clean energy and electric vehicles, to name only two, are providing numerous new challenges.

  • Regulatory Pressures: Governing entities are often key stakeholders if not the sole operator of utilities. Regulation has long played its part and continues to increase in complexity. Regulation of this industry is globally visible. As regulation evolves at various levels, Oracle Utilities applications enable the agility utilities need to comply with new and more intricate regulation and rating requirements.
  • Relationship with the consumer: The relationship the utility has with its end consumer is becoming more open and more robust as the consumer becomes not only better educated, but also demands more information from its resource supplier: the good old gas, water, or electric company. Oracle Utilities solutions provide the most comprehensive means ever to capture and process the data utilities need to help consumers understand their consumption through such initiatives as enrollment in conservation programs and smart meter programs.
  • Environmental Impact: The environmental footprint of utilities is extensive. A new power plant, pipeline, or water processing plant can have significant impact. Oracle Utilities solutions can help utilities assess peak demands, helping to drive more even consumption and less peak demand, better utilizing the existing capacity. Within their own operations, utilities can save costs and reduce emissions by more effectively managing their mobile fleet with highly advanced scheduling, routing, and better communications between dispatch and the field.
  • Manage and Measure: Analysis spans the breadth of sustainability issues. Are we complying? Are we better than we were before? Are we where we need to be? How can we be better? Never ending questions. Oracle Utilities solutions offer analytic components. A way to find the answers you need.
  • Meeting the Challenge with Technology: Smarter meters, Smarter Grids, more to monitor, more to process. Pairing Oracle Utilities applications with Oracle's unparalleled advances in hardware and computing power uniquely positions Oracle to help utilities optimize the data center, reducing that all-important carbon footprint.
  • Partner-driven Networking: Sustainability crosses organizational boundaries. Oracle Utilities works with an extensive partner network to cross channels. This positions utilities to call on expertise at multiple levels and with extensive industry knowledge, getting the best-fit integrated solution for their unique challenges in Smart initiatives.
  • Oracle's sustainability-related solutions can power the mission-critical applications that enable utilities to perform better, comply better, and sustain better.

Business Drivers Initiatives Oracle Product Solutions
Regulatory Compliance
  • Improve reporting and analysis of carbon footprint
  • Comply with emerging regulations and minimize environmental impact
  • Strengthen stakeholder relations
Sustainability Analytics Oracle Environmental Accounting & Reporting
Oracle Sustainability Sensor Data Management
Sustainability Reporting Oracle Hyperion Financial Management
Oracle Business Intelligence
Environmental Planning Oracle Hyperion Planning
Risk & Compliance Management Oracle Governance, Risk and Compliance
Business Operations
  • Optimize distribution of energy - a Smarter Grid
  • Capture, process, and analyze detailed consumption data
  • Drive efficiency in utility mobile operations
Smart Utility Grids Oracle Utilities
Paperless Processes
Oracle Contact Center
IT Infrastructure
  • Reduce IT energy use and costs
  • Reduce floor space in the data center
  • Improve utilization of all IT assets and lower IT costs
Energy Efficient Platform Sun Server, Storage and Networking, Oracle Optimized Solutions, Engineered Systems Exadata and Exalogic Elastic Cloud
Consolidation & Virtualization Server and Storage Consolidation
Oracle VM Server
Oracle Real Applications Clusters
Oracle Advanced Compression
Cloud Computing Oracle Cloud Computing, Oracle On Demand
Intelligent Storage Sun Storage
Resource Management Oracle Enterprise Manager

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