Oracle Health Sciences Central Designer

Reduce Build Time. Improve Data Quality. Shorten Trial Delivery.

Provides a centralized design environment that can help life sciences companies dramatically streamline their global, multi-language, clinical study development process.

Stay Connected:
  • Quickly define and deploy multi-language study workflows and components
  • Easily reuse completed study components
  • Simplify rules creation and testing via the "Rules Wizard" interface
  • Work concurrently with others by accessing the same study design
  • Access library components using advanced library search and retrieval
  • Enhance study design efficiencies
  • Increase reuse and the application of standards
  • Improve communication and workflow

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Oracle delivers key functionality designed specifically for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, clinical, and medical device enterprises. Our solutions enable you to maximize your chances of discovering and bringing to market products that will generate fast profits.

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