JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Capital Asset Management

Oracle's JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Capital Asset Management, the core of JD Edwards asset lifecycle lanagement, gives you a closer, more complete view of your assets, from deployment through operations, maintenance, and retirement. The enhanced visibility into financial and operational performance allows you to maximize return on investment in physical assets so they perform better, last longer, and cost less to maintain.

JD Edwards Edwards EnterpriseOne Capital Asset Management is part of Oracle's JD Edwards asset lifecycle management family of applications.


  • Work management allows you to develop efficient, cost-effective processes for maintaining physical assets and maximizing asset performance
  • Failure analysis helps you capture and understand the reasons why failures occur, including identifying the remedy for those failures, determining their likely cost and revenue impact, and predicting when they will occur again so that preventive action can be taken
  • Fixed-asset reporting is used to track the financial results of assets and understand their real cash flow implications—not just their operating costs
  • Procurement and inventory features can recognize which parts are needed and available, aid in the selection of vendors, and automatically replenish stock using substitutions where available
  • Facilities and real estate management features can help you streamline property and corporate processes, lower vacancy rates, and shorten cycle times to increase shareholder value
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