JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Resource Assignments

Oracle's JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Resource Assignments for capital asset management provides an intuitive and integrated workbench that simplifies assigning crews, employees, or equipment (based on availability, skills, and location) to work orders or specific work order instructions. With JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Resource Assignments, you can also effectively manage workloads through preparing schedules by maintenance crew or work shift and monitoring how well the assigned crew performs to schedule.


  • Match work order requirements against your available resources
  • Instantly check the availability, competencies, and locations of resources
  • Create work assignments that can be monitored and against which reports can be run
  • Review the resource assignment information at any time to determine whether resources are loaded according to capacity
  • Prepare weekly schedules at the crew or craft level
  • Make necessary changes to crews or loads without generating work orders
  • Measure schedule compliance by crew
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